About us

Quinta Capital SGR is a «full scope» licensed fund management company, active in establishing and managing real estate, credit and private equity funds

Entirely owned by its management team and with an independent and innovative approach, Quinta structures and manages real estate and illiquid securities funds, developing complex and innovative investment and portfolio enhancement strategies aiming at providing high and solid returns.

Our services

Quinta is able to provide a unique combination of peculiarities and strengths that allow it to stand out among the asset management companies in Italy, finding value where traditional investors and operators cannot.

1 Real Estate Funds
Establishment and management of real estate funds for institutional investors, family offices and professional investors with a core plus / value add / development focus, specialized in the most recognized asset classes on the capital market.
3 Private Equity
Establishment and management of private equity funds for investing in companies and operating groups with an impact on the real economy and the ecological transition.
2 Credit Funds
Establishment and management of mutual credit funds for investing in performing loans, UtP and NPL, with particular reference to loans with underlying real estate collaterals.

Why choose Quinta Capital SGR

Our professionals are focused on offering to the investors the best investment experience through the achievement of tangible results

Quinta’s senior team has worked together for over 15 years, with highly successful deals totaling € 7bln in investments and assets under management reaching over € 12bln, as well as structuring some of the most successful real estate finance deals on the Italian market.


Quinta is a trusted partner for some leading institutional investors on the global market

Our investors appreciate our attention to the capital management, our commitment to providing solutions that allow to achieve a lasting value to investors through a careful management of the real estate assets and companies in which we have invested.
It is for this reason that our investors portfolio continues to grow alongside our reputation and success.